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At Greece Rally 2023, the pulsating action and vibrant atmosphere of the paddocks await you at the Lake Hotel in Ioannina. This picturesque location will serve as the central hub where all the rally agents will be located, creating a bustling and dynamic environment.

Nestled alongside the tranquil shores of Lake Ioannina, the paddocks at the Lake Hotel offer a stunning backdrop for the rally activities.

The Lake Hotel in Ioannina provides a stunning setting for the paddocks. Surrounded by the serene beauty of Lake Ioannina, participants and visitors can enjoy the scenic views and peaceful ambiance while immersing themselves in the rally atmosphere. It’s a perfect blend of adrenaline-fueled action and natural tranquility.

The paddocks will be the bustling headquarters for the Greece Rally. This is where we will set up our operations, manage logistics, and provide essential services to participants. From registration to information desks, this central hub ensures smooth coordination and assistance for all rally-related matters.


Our Paddocks at Permet, is in the central Place of the town: