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Race Insurance
The Race will be insured for third party liability in case of an accident, according to the standards and requirements of our Fédération and is in the Open Calendar of Internationale de Motocyclisme Europe (FIM Europe).

Insurance does not cover damages for racing vehicles in case of an accident, nor does it cover damages caused by a racing vehicle towards another racing vehicle during the race, either in normal or special stages.

With the personal license of each participant, rider, driver or passenger, damages are covered by the respective insurance company – insurance – personal accident expenses.

Riders must provide starting permission from their respective Federation, which in a way confirms their insurance coverage in the case of an accident.

Race Safety
The race will cover all the safety requirements set by the official federations and with guaranteed experience from Off Road Team for the electronic collation and the design of the Road Book, this means that errors and defects that might cause confusion, frustration, and accidents will NOT be an issue.

Furthermore, the out rider (00), the recovery rider and check point stewards, will insure that they have quick access to competitors in case of an incident. Also 4 ambulances (and a 4X4 ambulance), 4 4X4 vehicles and a mobile medical crew will make their best effort for immediate access to competitors in case of injury or an accident.

Along the route there will be stewards every 40km for any problems or additional information.

Satellite Monitoring System
Competitors will be monitored via individual GPS Trackers from satellite tracking system that informs the organizers of the race for:
• Any infringements of speed limits
• Wrong direction in route
• Failure to complete the routes given paths specified in the Road Book
• Stopping the vehicle for a period of time that is not logical
• The exact position of the vehicle for quick intervention

All competitors are responsible for the safety equipment given by the organization (GPS trackers, timekeeping sensors – transponders, mobile or global phones).

Guarantee deposit for the tracking device: 100 €

4Χ4 Necessary Equipment
Cars should have:

• Large plastic trash bags
• Plastic boots
• Work gloves
• Rope
• Straps (at least 2)
• Carabiners, snatch block
• Off Road Jack
• Spare tires
• Fire extinguisher 2kg
• Tow joints
• Extra clothes
• Car tools
• Water (2 liters)
• Lighter
• Mobile phone which will be open with a loud sound
• Horn – lights

Enduro – Quad Necessary Equipment
Riders should have:

• Motorcycle tools and extra spark plug
• Tire repairing set – if no mousse is equipped
• Mobile phone in waterproof packaging (able to phone out and receive calls) which will be open with a loud sound
• Horn – lights
• Camel Back with water
• Energy Bars
• Enduro Jacket plus a waterproof jacket
• Mini Survivor kit (compass, torch / flashlight, foil survival blanket, lighter, small mirror, whistle, smoke rocket, flares or red hand-held smoke flares, pencil + contact number + first aid form, paper and useful phone numbers).