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The Vikos Gorge or Vikos Canyon (Greek: Φαράγγι του Βίκου) is a gorge in the Pindus Mountains of north-western Greece. It lies on the southern slopes of Mount Tymphe with a length of about 32 km, depth ranging from 120 to 1350 m, and a width ranging from 2500 m to only a few meters at its narrowest part.

The gorge is found in the core zone of the Vikos–Aoös National Park, in the Zagori region. Its main part begins between the villages of Vitsa and Koukouli and ends near the village of Vikos (or Vitsiko). The gorge collects the waters of a number of small, mostly seasonal streams and leads them into the Voidomatis River which forms in the end part of the main gorge. The major part of the Vikos gorge stream is only seasonal, and is permanent only at the lowest part of the gorge. Vikos is also a site of major scientific interest, because it is in almost virgin condition, it is a haven for endangered species and contains many and varied ecosystems.