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NEW: Era, Town, Date, Place, Tracks & Concept

    After 12 years on the mountains of Macedonia, the big Rally enters a new era! A bunch of innovations will change the mentality and concept of the race!

    New location! This is the big surprise! Near a big port, the new beautiful city will be the center of the new race! Stay connect! The location will be announced next month!}

    New date! And at the same time, we change the date of the event, moving to 1st week of October, 6 full racing days, from Sunday to Sunday in order to facilitate the participants with transportation.

    New tracks! Different kind of mountains, more “friendly”, with less stone, full of green! The terrain will be easier compared previous years, suitable for all kind of motorcycles, quads and SSVs!

    New concept! Rally for all, Rally for beginners and Rookies, Rally for experts, Rally for young and for Veterans! Classes according the experience and the age, in parallel with all classic categories! No enduro day any more, but the ability to choose a route and riding distance according to capabilities of every participant!

    Early booking till 31/12/2022

    Take it or leave it…
             Take it and Live it!

    It’s up to You!