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    MOTO WORLD TOURS and Marc Collins is our new cooperation in our events and Rallies

    Now is the time to start something new. Something more in line with our imagination of an Adventure Raid. Something where we simply have more influence on the flow and the ambiance. From now on there is a joint venture with Moto World Tours and Greece Rally .

    The first edition under our leadership will be from 1. -8.10.2023 in Ioannina (Northern Greece) and go to Albania for two days (one night). Get more information here: Olympia Rally (24. -29.4.2023) and the Greece Rally (1. - And those who want to experience Greece as a guided tour have 2 great opportunities with The Greek Odyssey for that. Once as a Seaside Edition of April 30. -7.5.2023 and once as Balkans edition of 15. -20.10.2023. We are very excited about our new tasks, the new team and the adventures we will all experience together. Let’s braaap

    Your Moto World Tours – Team

    Who is the newcomer to the Greece Raid?

    Marc Collins, owner and founder of MotoWorldTours has over 25 years of off-road and touring experienceon travel enduros and other motorcycles. He made his first enduro trips at the age of 12 on a 50cc Malaguti and an 80cc Honda MTX. Hobby racing was practiced as early as the mid-1990s. For example in the IGE championship, in various free runs from different organizersor even in the legendary 8-hour enduro race of the Offroad Challenge, which was broadcast on Eurosport at the beginning of the 2000s.

    Already in 2001 he gave his first official and fully booked “Dickschiff-Training” in Schwedt an der Oder. At that time, hardly anyone thought that you could seriously go off-road with travel enduro bikes. And if we are honest, the majority of large enduro owners are still reluctant to do so.

    After Marc Collins, who was seriously ill with cancer and, contrary to all forecasts, barely survived, he decided to integrate the topic of motorcycles even more deeply into his everyday life. In addition to his full-time job at a large building materials company,he scouted and led tours for various providers in Europe, Africa and Asia.

    In the meantime he has founded MotoWorldTours and delights motorcyclistsfrom all over the world with his tours, ideas and events. For the last 4 years he was also entrusted with the execution of the Hellas Adventure Raid.

    He’s a good mechanic. He completely disassembles his BMW GS without instructionsand then puts it back together again.