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Seli Ski resort 

Through a beautiful route we meet the village of Kato Vermio or Seli. There, one can either visit the Ski Center or explore the mountain. Seli Ski National Center at 1.900 mt was the first organized ski resort in Greece.
It has been operating since 1934 when the first Pan – Hellenic Ski Competition was organized; for many years it was the only ski resort in Greece. It goes without saying that ski tradition in Greece started at Seli.
It is 24 km away from Veria and 95 km away from Thessaloniki. The National Ski Resort has 17 ski tracks, 14 km of descent, various difficulty levels to meet the needs of each visitor. There are also 8 km of lang-lauf tracks and several snowboard tracks.
The tracks are certified by F.I.S. (HOMOLOGATION No.953-954-988-957/1975, 5448/178/1999, 5449/179/1999); also suitable for ski competitions. /
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