Ioannina, also known as Ioannina or Ioannina, is a city in Epirus, seat of the Municipality of Ioannina
and capital of the Regional Unity of Ioannina.
They are also the headquarters and largest city of the Region of Epirus as well as
the Decentralized Administration of Epirus - Western Macedonia.
The population of the municipal unit amounts to 65,574 inhabitants
and of the wider metropolitan municipality to 112,486 according to the 2011 census.
Ioannina is located in the northwestern part of mainland Greece,
in the center of the basin of the same name.
It is one of the largest cities in Greece with a rich cultural tradition and modern development enterprises.
Among the diverse geographical features of the region, Lake Pamvotida, adjacent to the city, holds a special place.

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Lake Pamvotida (ancient name Pamvotis meaning "she who feeds everyone"), also known as Lake Ioannina,
is located at an altitude of 483 meters above sea level. It is approximately 7.9 kilometers long, 1.5 to 5.4 kilometers wide,
4-5 meters average depth, 11 meters maximum depth and 19.4 square kilometers in area.
It is surrounded by the mountains of Mitsikeli and the eastern slopes of Tomar (or Olytsika) and is formed by the waters
of three main springs (Drabandovas, Sendenikos and Kryas), which spring up at the foot of Mitsikeli.

It is connected with the legends of Kyra – Frosyn and Durahan.
Lake Pamvotida, this historic lake of Ioannina, one of the oldest in the world (about 7 million years old)
is located between the city of Ioannina and Mount Mitsikeli.
It is formed by the waters of various springs that emerge at the foot of Mitsikeli.
It is a shallow lake with an average depth of 4.5m and a size that reaches 24 square kilometers.


The Island of Ioannina is an island and a settlement, located in the lake of Ioannina (Pamvotida).
Its population according to the 2011 Census is 219 inhabitants, while it is one of the two inhabited islands in a lake in Greece,
the other being Agios Achillios at Prespes. 
The island is located in the north-western part of the lake, very close -opposite- to the settlement of Amphithea.
It has an area of ​​200 acres and a maximum elevation of 520 meters above sea level or 59 meters above the surface of the lake.[citation needed]
Its maximum length is 800 meters and its width is 500 meters.
Its western side is marshy while the rest of it is rocky and forested for the most part.

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