AfisaInfrAlot of hype from around the world the Junior Motocross World Championship which will be held at Megalopolis on the 1st of August!

With 129 participations, the World Junior Motocross Championship (MX) of 2021 will be held, on 30th of July till the 1st August 2021, at the renowned track of Megalopolis!

Young athletes! From 23 countries (17 entries from Greece!) Have already started coming to the country and acclimatizing in view of the competition which is expected to be particularly intense and exciting.

Riders in 3 age categories (10-12, 12-14, 13-17 years old) will participate in the Junior Motocross World Championship. The Junior MX World Championship is organized every summer in a single race, in a race with glamor,  in addition to the competition of the riders at individual level, the states of the riders also compete through their organized youth National Teams! A modern youth motoOlympics.

The Junior MX World Championship is a unique event in motorsports that combines the racing image of 10-year-olds to give a stunning spectacle despite their young age with the performance of 17-year-old "young men", a truly world-class performance. The sports clubs ARIS Pentelis and ALMA Megalopolis work day and night to offer the best competitive conditions to all this global, dynamic, noisy potential.

The central support from the Peloponnese Region is important, as well as the support of PPC and the Municipality of Megalopolis. The Ministry of Sports has support as the University of Peloponnese with the specialized department of Sports Organization and Management.



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