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Greece Rally 2023 DAY 7

    Greece Rally 2023: Triumph and Glory on the Epic Final Day

    Greece Rally 2023 concluded its thrilling journey with an unforgettable seventh day that left participants and spectators in awe. This last day of the rally commenced with a challenging stage leading riders up to the magnificent Peristeri mountain, boasting an impressive altitude of 2000 meters. The breathtaking ascent took the competitors to the enchanting traditional village of Kalarrytes, before embarking on a liaison stage that led them to the beautifully reconstructed village of Syrrako.

    Peristeri mountain, with its towering peaks and rugged terrain, provided a formidable challenge for the riders. The ascent demanded skill, precision, and unwavering determination as they conquered the steep inclines and treacherous trails. But the reward was more than worth the effort, as Kalarrytes welcomed them with its traditional charm and warm hospitality.

    After the stage to Kalarrytes, the riders embarked on a liaison stage that allowed them to reflect on their incredible journey through the Greek landscape. The route took them to Syrrako, a village known for its rich history and authentic reconstruction, where they could appreciate the beauty of the region and the resilience of its people.

    First to finish the day was #87 Japser VERSTEIJNEN / Jelie Van Limpt with a time of 1:15’16” followed by #88 Vick VERSTEIJNEN / Teun Van DAL with a time of 1:19’47” and #306 Lejon FOKKEMA with a time of 1:24’26” in third place.

    Winner of the Greece Rally 2023 #1 Roberto BARBIERI.

    Top 5 Overall.

    1. #1 Roberto BARBIERI
    2. #244 Tomas MILLET
    3. #30 Sandro CALESINI
    4. #52 Frederick SCHEIFLER
    5. #88 Vick VERSTEIJNEN

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