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    Greece Rally 2023 Day 5: Riders Conquer Marathon Stage and Cross Borders in Epic Adventure

    Greece Rally 2023 reached a thrilling climax on its fifth day as riders embarked on a marathon stage that took them on a remarkable cross-border journey. Starting in Ioannina, Greece, and concluding with a special stage in Albania, the day was a true test of endurance, skill, and the spirit of adventure. Riders traversed through picturesque towns like Cosine, Banjat e Benjes, Frasher, and Permet, covering a total distance of 235 kilometers, before bedding down for the night in Albania, only to return to Ioannina the following day.

    Day 5 of Greece Rally 2023 began with a liaison to the Kakavia border, marking the starting point of a truly international adventure. Competitors crossed into Albania, embarking on a marathon stage that would push their limits and showcase their remarkable abilities. The border crossing was a symbol of the rally’s dedication to embracing new challenges and exploring diverse terrains.

    As riders journeyed through Albania, they were treated to awe-inspiring landscapes featuring rugged mountains, pristine rivers, and charming towns. The rally route led them through Cosine, Banjat e Benjes, Frasher, and Permet, allowing participants to soak in the rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality of the region.

    The special stage in Albania was the crowning jewel of the day, as riders navigated challenging terrain while surrounded by Albania’s natural beauty. It was a true testament to the adventurous spirit that defines Greece Rally 2023, where participants embraced the thrill of exploration and competition.

    After the end of the first part of the marathon stage, first to finish the special stage was #23 Dennis SCHANS (KTM EXC350F) with a time of 2:35’40”, second was #244 Tomas MILLET (KTM EXV 350F) with a time of 2:43’08” and third was #30 Sandro CALESINI (KTM EXC 450) with a time of 2:45’00”.

    Overall Standing Top 5:
    1. #1 Roberto BARBIERI
    2. #244 Tomas MILLET
    3. #30 Sandro CALESINI
    4. #233 Markus AUCHMANN
    5. #52 Frederick SCHEIFLER