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    Greece Rally 2023 Day 3: Thrilling Reversal Takes Riders on a Journey Through Zagari

    Greece Rally 2023 roared into its third day with a thrilling twist as riders embarked on a reverse loop around the enchanting town of Zagari. This leg of the rally offered participants a unique challenge and a change of perspective as they navigated through a diverse range of terrains and picturesque towns, including Lygiades, Kryovrisi Leptokarya, Laista, Timfi, and more. The total distance covered on Day 3 was 189 kilometers.

    The reverse loop through Zagari proved to be a highlight of this year’s Greece Rally, taking riders on a breathtaking journey through the heart of the Greek countryside. The challenging course featured a mix of rugged trails, scenic roads, and technical sections, putting the riders’ skills and endurance to the test.

    First rider witht the best time was #87 Jasper VERSTEIJNEN / Jelle Van LIMPT (CAN AM X3 SOUTH RACING 900) with a time of 3:25’49”, #88 Vick VERSTEIJNEN / Teun Van DAL (CAN AM X3 SOUTH RACING 900) following very close behind with a time of 3:28’15”. Third to finsh the stage was #244 Tomas MILLET ( KTM EXC 350 F) with a time of 3:32’53”