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    Greece Rally 2023 Day 2: Riders Conquer the Pindus Mountain Challenge

    The Greece Rally 2023 entered its second day with a spectacular display of off-road racing prowess as participants embarked on an exhilarating journey around the Pindus Mountain range, Barros, and Valia Calda National Forest. Day 2 of the rally saw riders traverse a challenging loop, covering a total distance of 250 kilometers, while passing through picturesque villages, including Logades, Driskos, Magali Gotista, and a thrilling stop at the Anilio Ski Center. Then, from Metsovo, they travel to Gyftokambos to meet the famous Zagoria villages, Vovousa, Dikorfo, and to finish up to Mitsikeli mountain over the lake Pamvotida.

    The day began with an air of anticipation as riders geared up for the demanding course that lay ahead. The loop around the Pindus Mountain range presented competitors with a myriad of obstacles, from steep inclines and rocky terrain to dense forests and flowing streams. It was a true test of their skill and endurance, showcasing the diverse and challenging landscape that Greece Rally 2023 is renowned for.

    First to finish the day were the SSV crew #87 Jasper VERSTEIJNEN / Jelle Van LIMPT with a time of 5:06’58”, second to finish the stage (and 1st overall on the motorbikes) was the Dutchman #306 Lejon FOKKEMA with a time of 5:35’26” and the Italian #1 Roberto BARBIERI in third.