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    Greece Rally 2023 Kicks Off with Spectacular Prologue Day

    The much-anticipated Greece Rally 2023 got off to an electrifying start today, with riders from around the world descending upon the beautiful region of Epirus for the first day of thrilling off-road racing action. The day began with a breath taking prologue stage that took participants on an epic journey around Lake Pamvotida and up the challenging terrain of Mount Mitsikeli.

    The prologue stage provided riders with a true taste of what to expect during this year’s Greece Rally, as they navigated their way through a variety of terrains, from picturesque lakeshores to rugged mountain trails. The scenic route allowed competitors to soak in the natural beauty of the Epirus region while pushing their limits in pursuit of rally glory.

    Throughout the day, riders had the opportunity to pass through several charming towns along the route, including Kryovrysi Anthrakitis, Karya, Logades, and Ioannina. The rally’s organizers have worked closely with local communities to ensure minimal disruption while showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region.

    First to finish the day was #87 Jasper VERSTEIJNEN (CAN AM X3 SOUTH RACING 900) with a time of 47’00”. Second fastest was #30 Sandro CALESINI (KTM EXC 450) with a time of 49’46” and #244 Tomas MILLET (KTM EXV 350 F) with a time 50’02”.

    The highlight of the day was the ceremonial start, which took place at Mavili Square in Ioannina. This bustling city square was transformed into a rally hub, with enthusiastic fans gathering to witness the official beginning of Greece Rally 2023. The atmosphere was electric as riders were introduced to the crowd and revved their engines in anticipation of the intense days ahead.

    Commenting on the start of the rally, Dimitris Athanasoulopoulos, organizer of Greece Rally, stated, “We are thrilled to kick off Greece Rally 2023 with such an exciting and challenging prologue day. Epirus offers the perfect backdrop for this prestigious event, and we are grateful for the warm welcome we have received from the local communities. We look forward to seeing the competitors take on the diverse and demanding terrains.”

    The Greece Rally 2023 promises to be a true test of skill and endurance, with riders from around the world competing for glory across a series of challenging stages. Over the coming days, participants will traverse a variety of landscapes, from dense forests to arid deserts, showcasing their prowess in off-road racing.