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    Greece Rally 2X20 comes to an end with great success even with COVID19 restrictions!

    First year at Veria and a new age under COVID19 restrictions. The COVID19 Virus effect everyone and the Greece Ralyl Team managed to make the race a reality, using strict guidelines to safe guard all participants. The team deliveried the goods and no COVID19 cases were present at Greece Rally 2X20.

    This year we had a different winner as #1 Stefan Svitko crashed out of the rally and the number 1 spot was handed over to #345 Maciek GIEMZA from Poland. The youngest took on Stefan and was giving a fight everyday for first place. Maybe the results would of been different if Stefan Svitko didnt crash but he said he will be back for number 1 in 2021.

    Runner-up to finish Greece Rally was #3 Milan ENGEL drove a fast race to put the rest of the riders behind him and take second overall.

    Third overall was the loveable free style rider #34 Libor PODMOL from the Czech Republic showing create pace for new comer and also an new comer to this style of racing.

    Overall Top 10:
    1. #345 Maciek GIEMZA (PL) 22h24’42”
    2. #3 Milan ENGEL (CZ) 22h43’09”
    3. #34 Libor PODMOL (CZ) 23h49’12”
    4. #7 Jos VAN DAL (NL) 24h20’30”
    5. #315 Vladimir PREIS (SK) 25h20’27”
    6. #45 Ad JANSEN (NL) 25h43’24”
    7. #5 Vasilis BOUDROS (GR) 25h47’17”
    8. #8 martin BENKO 26h11’57”
    9. #6 Petr Angelo VLCEK (CZ) 26h15’15”
    10. #36 Jiri KALAT (CZ) 26h53’51”

    First overall in the classes are as follows:
    Class 1 #11 George STOGIANOS (GR)
    Class 2 #7 Jos VAN DAL (NL)
    Class 3 #345 Maciek GIEMZA (PL)
    Class 4 #45 Ad JANSEN (NL)
    Class 5 #51 Petr MATUS (CZ)
    Class 7 #73 Daniel FILAKOVSKY (CZ)
    Class Veterans #45 Ad JANSEN (NL)
    Class Women #19 Ina Viola BLASIUS (DE)

    Results per day.

    DAY 1
    First day at Greece Rally 2X20 and even under pandemic conditions we managed to make the race a reality and following strict medical guidelines for COVID-19 all riders arrived safe and raced there heart out.

    Super Special Stage 1 is a short day, just a prologue for the riders to get a taste and to understand the style and the routes of this years rally. Small connection from Veria going parallel to Aliakmonas River and crossing down – under the enormous Egnatia National road into the closed mountains near Veria. Just 50 kms, but with “juicy” Enduro and Rally tracks, with some navigation skills.

    First to finish the stage was #1 Stefan SVITKO, the last years reigning Champion of Greece Rally, taking the stage with 00:40:27. #7 Jos VAN DAL three minutes behind him with a time of 00:43:46. # 8 Martin BENKO rounded up the top three with a time of 00:45:35. #345 Maciek GIEMZA came very close one minute behind #1 Stefan SVITKO but due to a time penalty dropped from 2nd to 6th.

    Top 10:
    #1 Stefan SVITKO
    #7 Jos VAN DAL
    #8 Martin BENKO
    #22 Bas STIJKEL
    #6 Petr Angelo VLCEK
    #345 Maciek GIEMZA
    #45 Ad JANSEN
    #75 Kamil WISNIEWSKI
    #5 Vasilis BOURDOS
    #34 Libor PODMOL

    DAY 2
    Second day at Greece Rally 2X20 and seems like the tides are changing.

    A great day to get a feel of the Veria terrian with the 199km Special Stage 2 Vermio Lite. Today’s stage took the riders through the central place of ELIA and Raktivan of Veria. Then, the riders went up to the mountain through difficult paths, and after at grass fields on the Vermio plateau. A lot of mud, ferns and roads under trees, composed the scenery of the 2nd day.

    Fastest on the stage today was #345 Maciek GIEMZA (PL) with a total time of 03:51:31 closing the gap and taking the lead from #1 Stefan SVITKO (SK) which managed to finish in third place today with a time of 04:00:05. Second with a time of 03:56:14 was #3 Milan ENGEL (CZ).

    Overall Top 10:

    1. #345 Maciek GIEMZA (PL)
    2. #1 Stefan SVITKO (SK)
    3. #7 Jos VAN DAL (NL)
    4. #3 Milan ENGEL (CZ)
    5. #34 Libor PODMOL (CZ)
    6. #45 Ad JANSEN (NL)
    7. #8 Martin BENKO (SK)
    8. #37 Richard KAYE (UK)
    9. #315 Vladimir PREIS (SK)
    10. #5 Vasilis BOUDROS (GR)

    DAY 3
    Day 3 and one of the longest days at Greece Rally 2X20 and once again the tides changed and it seems that this year the battle for first will go down to the wire.

    Conditions today at SS3 were clouding with a bit of rain to help cool down the riders. The stage took the riders up the long stage of the Paiko Mountain, the terrain varied with tracks leading into the deep forest opening the door to abandoned tracks and hidden rocky passages, and some muddy holes that made the race difficult for the Quads!

    #345 Maciek GIEMZA (PL) made some costly mistakes today and #1 Stefan SVITKO (SK) took advantage and ran a perfect stage to take first place with a time of 3:46:51. 2nd and moving up quickly is #34 Libor PODMOL (CZ) with a time of 4:03:14 and third place today went to #3 Milan ENGEL (CZ) with a time of 4:04:48.

    Overall Top 10:

    1. #1 Stefan SVITKO (SK)
    2. #345 Maciek GIEMZA (PL)
    3. #3 Milan ENGEL (CZ)
    4. #7 Jos VAN DAL (NL)
    5. #34 Libor PODMOL (CZ)
    6. #45 Ad JANSEN (NL)
    7. #315 Vladimir PREIS (SK)
    8. #5 Vasilis BOUDROS (GR)
    9. #28 Peter JANSEN (NL)
    10. #316 Jan ROSA (CZ)

    DAY 4
    Day 4 and today was the shortest day at Greece Rally 2X20 something like “Rest Day”. So, only seconds separate the first two riders!

    The rain came the night before, making the SS4 perfect for Cross Country Rally. Today’s stage was short so the riders could relax after and enjoy the ancient site of Vergina before that the rides got some “spicy” points and hidden paths. Simple and lite.

    Results for day 4 are you ready? First to finish SS4 was #1 Stefan SVITKO (SK) with a time of 01h22’38” 18” behind was number #345 Maciek GIEMZA (PL) with a time 01h22’56” and third was #3 Milan ENGEL (CZ) with a time of 01h25’09”. The fight for 1st place is going to be a roller coaster ride.

    Top 10 of the day:
    1. #1 Stefan SVITKO (SK)
    2. #345 Maciek GIEMZA (PL)
    3. #3 Milan ENGEL (CZ)
    4. #34 Libor PODMOL (CZ)
    5. #7 Jos VAN DAL (NL)
    6. #45 Ad JANSEN (NL)
    7. #5 Vasilis BOUDROS (GR)
    8. #8 Martin BENKO (SK)
    9. #51 Petr MATUS (CZ)
    10. #315 Vladimir PREIS (SK)

    DAY 5
    Day 5 and the longest special stage of the Greece Rally 2X20. A stage that takes the most out of the riders and it showed today with a lot of riders making mistakes.

    Up to the Ski Resort of Seli was on today’s menu and then around to enjoy the amazing scenery of Tripotamos, Lefkopetra, Kastania, Xirolivado, Vermio, Fitia and Patrida. This stage consisted of a 30’ neutralization refuel and 2nd refuel without neutralization. Not so simple but hard enough.

    Results for day 4 are you ready? First to finish SS4 was #1 Stefan SVITKO (SK) with a time of 01h22’38” 18” behind was number #345 Maciek GIEMZA (PL) with a time 01h22’56” and third was #3 Milan ENGEL (CZ) with a time of 01h25’09”. The fight for 1st place is going to be a roller coaster ride.

    Top 10 of the day:
    1. #1 Stefan SVITKO (SK)
    2. #345 Maciek GIEMZA (PL)
    3. #3 Milan ENGEL (CZ)
    4. #34 Libor PODMOL (CZ)
    5. #315 Vladimir PREIS (SK)
    6. #7 Jos VAN DAL (NL)
    7. #8 Martin BENKO (SK)
    8. #6 Petr Angelo VLCEK (CZ)
    9. #45 Ad JANSEN (NL)
    10. #36 Jiri KALAT (CZ)

    DAY 6
    Day 6 another long day at Greece Rally 2X20 for the riders and unexpected surprise!

    Stage 6 took the riders to the Pieria Mountains from the Elatochori Ski Resort and to an altitude of 2024m to the Velvedos refuge. Amazing views for all the riders and this caused a lack in concentration, #1 Stefan SVITKO crashed in the middle of the stage leaving him well behind. A few stiches and a beer and he was back on his feet and now awaiting the OK from the doctor to race tomorrow.

    Due the crash of #1 Stefan SVITKO 1st place has changed! First to take the stage was the freestyle Motocrosser #34 Libor PODMOL (CZ) with a time of 03h58’46”, second close behind was #3 Milan ENGEL (CZ) with a time of 04h00’33” and third was #345 Maciek GIEMZA (PL) with a time of 04h02’30”. In the overall Classification, Maciek GIEMZA looks to be the provisional winner, as only one short Stage, the 7th Enduro day, is still to fill up the Greece Rally scenario.

    Top 10 of the day:
    1. #34 Libor PODMOL (CZ) 03h58’46”
    2. #3 Milan ENGEL (CZ) 04h00’33”
    3. #345 Maciek GIEMZA (PL) 04h02’30”
    4. #7 Jos VAN DAL (NL) 04h20’54”
    5. #315 Vladimir PREIS (SK) 04h28’32”
    6. #22 Bas STIJKEL (NL) 04h30’26”
    7. #5 Vasilis BOUDROS (GR) 04h31’47”
    8. #23 Jos STIJKEL (NL) 04h34’18”
    9. #45 Ad JANSEN (NL) 04h37’06”
    10. #6 Petr Angelo VLCEK (CZ) 04h37’28”

    DAY 7
    Day 7 ENDURO DAY!

    Today the riders got the chance to ride a full enduro day. A great end to a difficult and COVID-19 free Greece Rally 2X20.

    Stage 7 was, as every year, a enduro day taking the riders to a light tour of the Seli Mountain, Veria, Patrida, Fitia, Arkochori, Kato Vermio, Seli and Koumaria and a stage easy enough for small bikes.

    As #1 Stefan SVITKO was out of the race, first place was up for grabs and #345 Maciek GIEMZA (PL) did the best time of the stage with a time of 2h34’54” also earning the 1st Overall place at Greece Rally 2X20. Congratulations Maciek! Second to finish the stage was #3 Milan ENGEL (CZ) with a time of 2h37’07” which also took 2nd overall. Third to finish the stage was #7 Jos VAN DAL (NL) with a time of 2h51’35”.

    Top 10 of the day:
    1. #345 Maciek GIEMZA (PL) 02h34’54”
    2. #3 Milan ENGEL (CZ) 02h37’07”
    3. #7 Jos VAN DAL (NL) 02h51’35”
    4. #5 Vasilis BOUDROS (GR) 02h53’46”
    5. #45 Ad JANSEN (NL) 02h56’06”
    6. #315 Vladimir PREIS (SK) 02h59’48”
    7. #6 Petr Angelo VLCEK (CZ) 03h00’05”
    8. #34 Libor PODMOL (CZ) 03h00’43”
    9. #14 Vasilis STOGIANOS (GR) 03h03’45”
    10. #11 George STOGIANOS (GR) 03h04’58”

    We also need to thank our sponsors for making Greece Rally 2X20 possible as they bring a lot to the table. Thank you to Aiges Melathron, Golden Tyre, Superfast Ferries, Moto Market, Thymiopoulos Vineyards, Voreia Beer, Nektar soft drinks, EKO Kalliaridis, Basakis Sweets, Toyota Podas, Veria Police Department, Kyanthos Wines and Makaronas Antonis A.E. drink trader.

    In addition, we would like to thank everyone that made Greece Rally 2X20 possible. It takes many people to organize Greece Rally and without them, it would not be possible. Thanks goes out to the doctors, medics, marshals, timekeepers, stewards, volunteers, Pre & Last riders, drivers and recovery crews.

    Also a massive thank you to Alessio and Bartek for the amazing job they do, providing us with stunning photos and videos. Check out all there work in the Images and Videos section.

    Preparations for the Greece Rally 2021 has already begun and we have started the planning for a more exciting rally for 2021, bring new routes and stages to the rally.

    See you next year at Greece Rally 2021!

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