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Have you always wanted to race in a rally raid but don’t know where to start? Are you interested in participating in a rally raid but have no idea how to navigate? Or perhaps you have watched your friends depart for a rally raid and wished you could have joined them?
Fear not, Greece Rally Academy is here to help you learn how to navigate in a rally raid.

How it works: During the Greece Rally, you will be trained by a professional rally raid rider who will explain everything you need to know. You will be taught how to read the road book, understand the ECO, interpret the trip meter, and much more, enabling you to take part in a rally raid.

You will be assigned a 20-40km route, and every day, the academy rider will accompany you, stopping at every turn, junction, and rut to explain how you got there, how to read your kilometers, and how to navigate to the next point using the road book. You will also learn how to retrace your steps and return to a previous point if you happen to lose your way. In addition, you will have sessions with the academy rider in a classroom setting where you will learn the basics of rally raid riding, the essential equipment needed for a rally raid, and familiarize yourself with all the road book symbols and their meanings.

October 1st: Seminar on rally raid – road book fundamentals
October 2nd: Briefing – First 10km ride
October 3rd: Briefing on the previous day’s mistakes & corrections – 2nd day of riding (20km)
October 4th: Briefing on the previous day’s mistakes & corrections – 3rd day of riding (20km)
October 5th: Briefing on the previous day’s mistakes & corrections – 4th day of riding (40km)
October 6th: Briefing on the previous day’s mistakes & 1st day riding alone (with an academy rider following) – 5th day of riding (40km)
October 7th: Last day of the race – No academy rider with you


Spare parts / fuel
ECO/Road Book/Trip Meter equipment
Riding clothing (Helmet/Protection/Boots)
Green card/private insurance


Road Book
Rider with you at all times
Recovery in case of breakdown
Medical support in case of injury
GPS tracking