Our race is an official FIM Europe race, with EMN 36/262. You can issue one event FIM License - it is for free if you have National License, and you need also Starting Permission from your National Federation.

For riders without national license Greece Rally organization can issue a Greece Athletic Card (Greek License) in AMOTOE (Greek Motorcycle Federation), through Athletic Union Off Road Team so the riders to have bond / health insurance coverage.

The issue of Greek Athletic Card from Greek Federation, doesn’t include repatriation.

The riders MUST have their own health insurance for race accidents & repatriation insurance.

The medical examination can be done by Serres Rally Medical Staff for free.

The total cost is 250€

in any case, we need a declaration from your Federation, that allow you to issue a Greek -one event- license for this event. EMN 36/262


pdfThese riders must fill the following application form


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