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Medical & Safety Plan from Special Operation Forces.

The recent years, there are elite Special Operations Forces from Municipalities Sintiki and Thessaloniki. These groups consist of volunteers offering health coverage and Rescue where necessary.

Specifically, covers cultural, sport, religious events. They have taken part in finding missing people successfully and in cooperation with other forces help services in firefighting and forest protection of our national parks.

Their responsibilities are all within the competence of civil protection.

This special Team, will help us with specialized personnel and paramedics in our Medical and Safety Plan of our race!

One more year, EPOMEA will support our big race, Serres Rally 2015 edition! 
Our Doctor - Chief Medical Officer, Grigoris Moisides, is a very experienced Orthopedic doctor, the "boss" of all the amazing medical staff and paramedics from EPOMEA Sintiki & EPOMEA Thessaloniki. EPOMEA are the Special Forces that support our big race! 4X4 cars, ambulances full found with special medical equipment and experienced "mountain" people!




We are thankful about it!


Elite Special Operations Group Municipality of Thessaloniki - Elite Special Operations Group Municipality Sintiki



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