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Due to COVID-19 the breifings this year will take place virtually. All information will be put here. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

Ceremony Greece Rally 2X20
Dear friends, 
The Greece Rally 2X20 at Veria is going to the end. It was a difficult year, and an organization under strange conditions. We are proud to be here, for you and for us and we want to first of all thank you for your participation at Veria, as we know it a massive effort for all of us to attend and reach the end of our common goal. 
We would also like to thank you for respecting the rules, protocol and guideline we set with the COVID-19. We would like to wish a speedy recovery to the members of our family, Martin Cabela, Stefan Svitko, Payr Wolfgang, Tomaso Polli, Robbert Plarina, Kamil Wisniewski, Sam Thiesen for their minor injuries. 
Last “special stage” in this Rally is –as always- our Party! The moments that we love more than anything! While we congratulate each other, we drink together, we laugh side by side… Unfortunately, this year we cannot do it! From today, the municipality is under emergency measures because of Covid19. From now on all gatherings have to be less 50 people, bars & restaurants will close at 24:00, the maximum amount of people per table is 4 and stand in bars is not permitted… Therefore, we will try to respect the rules to give a smooth end to our Rally, and we kindly ask you to help us –for last time- to cross the flying together with no issues… 
The procedure for 29/8 evening will be the following: 
- Start Ceremony gathering on time (20:30) at the swimming pool 
- We all sit down at tables in 4s (or 6 for families) 
- The waiters will serve you drinks and finger food 
- At the ceremony one person at a time will be receiving their trophy and it is strongly recommended to wear face mask 
- We do not shake hands! We just take the trophies 
- ONLY the 3 first winners stay on the podium 
- We do not go to the bar, we just ask the waiters to serve us 
-  Don't  forget social distancing / no handshakes / face masks
Thank you for understanding, and we wish you a safe return home. We also hope to see you again next year, at a crazy kickass PARTY for Greece Rally 2021 Edition, here at Veria for another year with more friends and no COVID-19!
On behalf of Organizing Team Dimitris – DOC- Athanasoulopoulos
For all thoses that want to do a COVID-19 Test here is the address. You must go by 16:00 to have the results today. Telephone +2331077450

Correction to the road book for Day 7

Please, mind the branches!

We had cut them, but the last rain raised them up again, and in some paths they are in front of your face. DUCK!

Please, wear goggles and jacket for your protection.

2020 08 28 133622

2020 08 28 133601

Corrections for Day 6

After point 17, add a note at 15,82


Bypass a difficult path because of trees

From point 25 to point 31. Reset your tripcounter to 34,32kms


Narrow for Quad at 101,37. Rocks on the way

 building on your left

 Bypass of a very difficult destroyd road. Follow the asfalt for 2,96kms, and you will find point 96.

Reset your tripmeter from 139,49 to 139,20kms



After point 110 add a note at 170,53km


 Pass under a tree after point 115

 Fallen tree at 184,95

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