The Town of Serres


Serres is a picturesque Northern Greek city, which has retained its identity and culture. Herodotus calls it 'Siris' which derived from the word sirios, ie Sun.

It was the centre of Macedonia and the whole of Greece from its early history and flourished during the Ottoman period as the centre of commerce with great economic and cultural development. It was liberated and joined the Greek government on June 29, 1913.

Combining old charm with that of a modern urban metropolis, and retaining its humane character, Serres is a vibrant beautiful city. Central meeting point is the Freedom Square in Mpezesteni where locals and visitors meet and socialise.

Walking around the city you will loose yourself in the paths of the it’s rich history.

Famous Byzantine churches, including the church of St. Nicholas, the Cathedral and the old picturesque monastery of St. George alternate harmoniously with Turkish monuments and beautiful neoclassical buildings that have survived the test of time.

A unique attraction is the Keimileiarcheio of Metropolis' Psyhis Akos " which houses and exhibits old Holly icons and other important old religious relics.

On the north side of a hill known as "Koulas" the ancient and Byzantine Acropolis is preserved. On the way to the city, the Valley of Saints Anargiri which is a magical green and natural lung for the town it hosts all the nightlife during the summer.

In Serres the large number of students give new impetus to the city, stimulating nightlife. The Municipal Theatre in the city presents important theatre works, while the town’s market is famous for its wealth of shops often visited by tourists from neighbouring Balkan countries.

Serres is  considered a good food destination and is distinguished for its outstanding products, flavours and traditional tastes such as Soutzouki, Mpougatsa, Akanes pastries and other traditional sweets.

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