River Gorge Aggitis


A short distance from the cave Alistrati is the gorge of the river Aggitis known as "Straits of Stone" or "canal" where myth claims that all this is the technical work of the ancient Macedonians. Today, however, scientists believe the gorge, 15 km in length and depth that reaches 100 m, down to the River bed, was created by geological rearrangements between the ridges of the mountain ranges of Paggaio and Menikion.

As it passes through the surrounding villages, the river Aggitis  forms areas with are rich in vegetation, while along its flow meanders are formed which are suitable for rafting, kayaking and hiking by the river banks. On its rocky slopes lay caves that are full of drawings from the 5th and 6th century AD, depicting animals and scenes of everyday life.

This magnificent region offers exciting experiences in nature. Suitable access points are the areas of Blue Waters and Angista’s station with the famous five arched bridge. Despite the relatively difficult treks the Gorge rewards all its visitors.



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