PlanetSim is a prepaid card for international mobile callls change to calls without contracts, monthly tarrifs change to tariffs  or hidden charges. Perfect for businesses large and small, traveling internationally for work, studyies and any individual needs.

No matter where you are traveling to. You WILL NOT lose communication with your family or business while, at the same time you’ll get top quality telecommunication in a particularly low cost.

PlanetSim  allows to travellers all around the world, calculate their telecommunication costs without any of the unpleasant surprises of hidden bills, simply because it works without requiring contracts.

Just place the  in any mobile phone and talk all over the world!



• One International number for over 200 countries!
• Free incoming calls in 150 countries (Greece included)
• International calls from 0,24 €/min (PlanetSim to PlanetSim)
• Calls within EU for 0,19€/min billed per second
• No contracts & no monthly fees
• It never expires
• Easy top-up through scratch cards or through the internet (paypal,credit card).
• Send cheap and receive free SMS worldwide.
• Corporate account for multiple Sim control.
• Live interpretation service in 90 languages.
• Mobile miles for every minute you use PlanetSim.
• Sim location (Cellid).
• Broadband GPRS/3G roaming
• Voicemail
• Free Support
• Personal Assistant
• Calls from Greece to worldwide for 0,36 €/min incl.VAT
• Free detailed calls analysis
• One single calling rate from each country to everywhere
Calling example 1:
A PlanetSim user receives an incoming call from a European  country (or worldwide country) for example Italy from a fixed or mobile phone.
Regardless of the call duration the PlanetSim user will talk for free.(0 €/min)
Calling example 2:
A PlanetSim user make an outgoing call to a European country  
(or worldwide country) for example Germany,Italy,etc. to a fixed or mobile phone.
He will be charged for 0,19 €/min
For further info check http://planetsim.gr

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