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The Serres Rally Team for 2019 is introducing something special for the Adventure rider.

A more relaxing Adventure Tour is in progress and our team is working hard to give you a well-organized non-guided adventure tour of Northern Greece. Our team is already hunting for the best possible routes that will astound you.

With years of riding the trails in Northern Greece, the Serres Adventure will give you the opportunity to explore nature and ancient Greece at its best. A six-day tour, which will see you ride through spectacular mountains of the Balkans and traditional Greek villages filled with different varieties of Greek cuisine… Soulvaki anyone? 

Visit ancient historical sites like Amfipoli, discover the cave of Alistrati, ride next to lake Kerkini, -a Ramseur Convention protect landscape which hosts over 300 different kinds of bird species- and why not stop and relax in the Agiston thermal springs, a stone-built Byzantine bath dating back to 950 a.d. with water temperature at 38° C (100° F), just to name a few.

Our GPS routes are spot on and you will never get lost! But in case you do, MyTrack GPS Tracking system has your back and will be following you all the way... 

Serres Raid Adventure Tour is the perfect opportunity for a fantastic adventure holiday for you and your family. Elpida Resort and Spa -5 stars Hotel- will provide you with all the comforts after a day of riding and relax you for the next day.

Make sure you book early as seats are limited and are closing fast.

adventurerally nodate

Explore the beauty of Northern Greece

Live the passion of racing without the pressure!

Serres Rally 2019 introduces you to a well - organized Adventure Tour, parallel to the race.

Live the race close up but without the pressure of the competition


Feel what it’s like to be part of the biggest Rally Raid event in the Balkans.

Serres Rally gives you the opportunity to be part of the race living every exciting moment, from the prolog to the prize giving ceremony.


Mountains - Lailias - Villages

Ride on the most spectacular mountains on Northern Greece!

Discover three beautiful lakes and five of the most breath taking Balkan Mountains.

Ride through traditional villages of Greece.


Greek Food

Feel the hospitality and get a taste of different varieties of Greek cuisine.



Visit some of the most important archeological sites, from 4th century B.C.


Aggitis Gorge

A short distance from the cave Alistrati is the gorge of the river Aggitis known as "Straits of Stone" or "canal" where myth claims that all this is the technical work of the ancient Macedonians.

On its rocky slopes lay caves that are full of drawings from the 5th and 6th century AD, depicting animals and scenes of everyday life.This magnificent region offers exciting experiences in nature. Suitable access points are the areas of Blue Waters and Angista’s station with the famous five arched bridge. Despite the relatively difficult treks the Gorge rewards all its visitors.


Kerkini Lake

Uncover the calm and peace of the spectacular lake of Kerkini.

A Ramseur Convention protect landscape which hosts over 300 different kinds of bird species, the perfect setting to relax and enjoy nature at its best. Hop into a boat and discover bird watching from the middle of the lake.


Alistrati Cave

One of the nicest and largest caves in Greece and Europe!

Cave Alistrati is found 6 km southeast of Alistrati in the Petroto area where all the surrounding natural landscape gives you a secret sense of power, something to prepare you for an unforgettable experience. Historically, the path to the cave is accompanied by myths and stories, as people of the region descended to its depths.


Nestos River

Ride beside the beautiful river of Nestos and trough the Virgin Forest of Rodopi Mountain.

The NestosRiver rises in theRila Mountains and flows into the Aegean Sea near the island of Thasos. It plunges down towering canyons toward the Aegean Sea through mostly metamorphic formations.


Agistron Baths

After riding in the mountain tops of Lailias, relax in the natural hot water springs of Agistron, with a stone-built Byzantine bath dating back to 950 A.D. with water temperature is 38° C (100° F.)


Serres Town

Serres is a picturesque Northern Greek city, which has retained its identity and culture. Herodotus calls it 'Siris' which derived from the word sirios, ie Sun.

Combining old charm with that of a modern urban metropolis, and retaining its humane character, Serres is a vibrant beautiful city. Central meeting point is the Freedom Square in Mpezesteni where locals and visitors meet and socialize.

Famous Byzantine churches and beautiful neoclassical buildings that have survived the test of time.

On the north side of a hill known as "Koulas" the ancient and Byzantine Acropolis is preserved. On the way to the city, the Valley of Saints Anargiri which is a magical green and natural lung for the town it hosts all the nightlife during the summer.

Serres is considered a good food destination and is distinguished for its outstanding products, flavours and traditional tastes such as Souvlaki, Soutzouki, Bougatsa, Akanes pastries and other sweets.



After a day through the mountains reach the beautiful sandy beaches of Chalkidiki.


The one of a kind well organized Adventure Tour of the Serres Rally Team will leave you with the most unforgettable memories which will last a lifetime.


All participants will be hosted in the same bivouac along with the professional riders of the race and will enjoy the luxuries and facilities of the 5 stars Elpida Resort and Spa.


GPS Tracking

The tour includes day by day GPS analytical tracks with POI’s and full GPS tracking coverage for every rider.


Some technical features:

1. 1st Day - TBA

2. 2nd Day - TBA

3. 3rd Day - TBA

4. 4th Day - TBA

5. 5th Day - TBA

6. 6th Day - TBA

7. 7th Day - TBA


• 3rd party liability insurance.

• Electricity at the paddock area.

• GPS Tracks and POI’s.

• Roadbook from specific parts of the special stages (optional).

• Full time telephone support.

• Serres Rally Tour T-shirt.

• Souvenir bag and commemorative metal.

• Full time GPS Satellite Live Tracking System.

• 1st Aid Medical coverage from race Medical Center.

• Visit archeological sites of Amfipolis, Aggitis Gorge, Alistrati Cave (Ticket fees not included).

On demand:

• Recovery - Assistance back to the bivouac in case of break down.

• Activities (boat tour at Kerkini, Thermal bath a springs, Amfipolis Meuseum).

• Meals at selected Greek Taverns.

• Tire Service - Bike Service.


• Avoid coming with thebike/quad technically unchecked.

• The lights- brake light must be functional.

• Functional horn.

• GPS with special base for the bike.

• Full protection equipment: Helmet, Body protection, Enduroboots, jacket, gloves.

• Functional mobile phone, turned on at the start of the day with fully battery charged.

• Both personal and vehicledocuments (including Green Card Insurance) must be always with you.

• Small Medical Personal Kit packet and a blanket.

• Minimum fuel independence: 120 km and advisable is 150 km.

• Off-road tires with hard compound is a good choice. Mousse is safer than tube.

• International Insurance for life insurance and accidents (green card).

 ticMake your plans now for a completely different summer holidays.
ticExplore the beauties of Northern Greece.
ticLive the race from inside.
ticThe perfect choice for any kind of bikes & quads.

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